John Kelley of Albemarle Parish Surry Co Virginia
There are many reasons to suspect that John Kelley belongs in my family. 

1.  In the Rev James O'Kelly files at Elon University is found the 1936 family Pedigree chart for John Daniel McCurry a descendant and he proposes that Rev James had three brothers, a William D and Thomas D who served in the Revolutionary War and a John who is said to have been a wealthy tobacco merchant.  Most who have researched Rev James O'Kelly claim he came from Surry Co Virginia.

2.  John Kelley is found in the Albemarle Parish Vestry Records for Surry Co Virginia.  Between 1747 and 1767 he appears 7 times sometimes as a land owner but sometimes as part of the Vestry administration.  He clearly is a man of wealthy and power and is likely the John Kelley that appears in the 1936 family Pedigree chart.

3.  Also appearing in 1752 in the Albemarle Parish Vestry Records for Surry Co Virginia is a Mary Dean.  This is the first time I have been able to place a Dean and a Kelley living in the same Parish and County in the time frame that Elizabeth Dean and her husband would have lived.  A Thomas Dean who I suspect was Mary Dean's husband and the father of Elizabeth Dean appears in the records receiving a 100 Acre Land Grant Feb 22 1724 in Surry Co Va.  I suspect sometime after his children were born and the appearance of Mary Dean in the Vestry Records in 1752, Thomas died leaving Mary widowed.

4.  John was the name given to Thomas O'Kelley's first born grandson and it was the name that Thomas gave to his last born son .  Thomas is believe to have been Elizabeth Dean's first born son.  Rev James O'Kelly also named a son Rev James O'Kelly so the name John does appear in my early family.