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O'Kelley of Meath (Bregia) Pedigree as given by Dr John O'Hart
183. The Stem of the "O'Kelly" of Meath Family.

Congall, brother of Dermod ruanach who is No. 92 on the " Fogarty" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Ceallaigh (chiefs of Tuath Leighe, parts of the present baronies of " West Narragh" and " Kilkea", in the county Kildare) ; anglicised 0'Kelly.  Rick O'Kelley's note - according to Edward MacLysaght's book "More Irish Familes" the Fogartys were also Gogartys and his map on page 237 has the O'Kelleys and Gogartys living next to each other in Co Meath in the location of Bregia.  They must be kin if the O'Kelleys of Bregia or Meath were using the same Coat of Arms as the Fogartys.

92. Congall : son of Aodh (or Aldus) slane, the 141st Monarch of Ireland.

93. Conang curra : his son.

94. Congall (2) : his son.

95. Amhailgadh [awly] : his son.

96. Conang (2) : his son.

97. Congall (3) : his son.

98. Ceallach (" ceallach" (Kelley): Irish, war, strife) : his son; a quo O'Cealligh (O'Kelley)of Meath. These O'Kellys, who were one of the "Four Tribes of Tara", possessed the district about Naas, and had their chief re-sidence and castle at Rathascul (or the Moat of Ascul) near Athy. The territory comprising these districts was known as "O'Kellys' Country,"

Note - O'Hart seems to be in error about the location of these O'Kellys or he is in error that they are the O'Kellys who were one of the Four Tribes of Tara.  On maps and in other ancient descriptions the O'Kellys of Bregia are one of the four Tribes of Tara and are in the Upper Barony of Navan and just to the east of the Hill of Tara some 25 miles north of Co Kildare. 

99. F 1 a n n a g a n : his son.

100. Maohnaoth : his son.

101. Congall (4) : his son ; was the 172nd Monarch of Ireland.

102. Donald : his son,

103. Donoch : his son,

104. Ceallach (Kelley) O'Kelly: his son.