Fourth Generation

100. Salina Avaline O'Kelley was born on 2 February 1848 in Clermont, Hall, Georgia, United States. She died on 1 October 1924 at the age of 76 in Marble Cherokee Co NC.

Salina was the grandmother of Ruth Barton Pullium who posted in Genforum August 29 2000 the following:

All I know is that my father told me we came from Meath county. He was very knowledgeable about his family. There were many Okellys who lived in Tara which is in county Meath. My grandmother claimed that her people were prominant in Ireland. We disregarded this, but I have found in my research in Ireland that this was certainly true. Thirty Okellys were high kings of Hymaine which encompassed most of Ireland. I have a copy of The Book Of the Okellys. It tells all. I have located the graves of Thomas 1 and 2. They are unmarked. I am trying to raise the funds to mark them. If interested let me know. I am 80 years old and I live about 100 miles from the site. I have a man who will mark it for a goodly sum. There are so many of us it would be fairly inexpensive. Cousin Ruth

Ruth makes the mistake that many of our family researchers made in thinking that all O'Kelleys descend from the O'Kelly of Hy-Many or Hymaine.  This is understandable as in Ruth's time there would have been considerable difficulty in learning that the O'Kelley of Co Meath were of a completely different line than the O'Kelly of Hy-Many and that the O'Kelley of Tara or Bregia were were not of the high Kings of Hymaine but are said to descend from the High Kings of all of Ireland.  Ruth accepts the American Pedigree of Alethea Jane Macon and Harold Earnest O'Kelley as she posts about Thomas 1 and Thomas 2 causing me to belief Ruth isn't doing genealogy research but relaying only the information received from others making it likely that her knowledge about the origins of our family did come from her grandmother Salina.

Salina Avaline O'Kelley and Zemmery Young Barton were married on 13 July 1871 in GA. Zemmery Young Barton was born on 4 March 1848 in Clermont, Hall, Georgia, United States.

Salina Avaline O'Kelley and Zemmery Young Barton had the following children:



William Jackson Barton.