Fourth Generation

146. Dr. Thomas Katlett O'Kelley was born on 20 October 1833 in the southern portion of Buncombe Co which became Henderson Co, NC in 1838. I suspect he is named after a Thomas Catlett his maternal grandfather.  The Catletts appear in Granville Co NC.   He served in the Arkansas Union Cavalry as a Sergeant in 1864–1865 in MO. He appeared in the census in 1870 in German, Bollinger, Missouri.80 Thomas served in the military Veteran Schedules in 1890.81 He received a Civil War Pension in 1890 in MO. He died in October 1923 in Patton, Bollinger Co, MO. He was a Physician having attended Washington University Medical School in St Louis Mo a education that cost him $250.00.  He was a large landowner and was in the Union Army in 1864,2nd Ark Cavalry.  Dr O'Kelley kept a family bible but it seems to have disappeared so no one alive today knows if there were his bible but family tradition stories say that Dr O'Kelley created five pages that contain his ancestry  on pages taken from an old dictionary and he inserted them into his Bible and was said to be used as proof of age for his Civil War Pension Application.  I find this story credible.  If you are not a genealogist, and haven't been researching your family, you might not want to write records into your favorite family bible if you have no means to confirm their truthfulness.  It is also his bible had no family tree pages in it so it makes sense to add pages from some other source.  If one didn't care about their bible, this would not be a big deal so I find this story credible.

Civil War Pension Records

Dr Thomas Katlett O'Kelley and Margeret Ann Capehart were married on 14 July 1857.

Margeret Ann Capehart died July 27, 1903.

Thomas Katlett O'Kelley and Margeret Ann Capehart had the following children:



Edward Capehart O'Kelley was born on 1 October 1857 in TN. He murdered Bob Ford on 8 June 1892 in Creede CO.82 He was buried in January 1904 in Fairlawn Cemetery Oklahoma City OK.83 Edward died killed by an officer while resisting arrest on 13 January 1904 in Oklahoma City, Ok.84  It appears Dr O'Kelley never claimed Ed as he does not appear in Dr O'Kelley Pension files.  As I understand the story told by great great granddaughter Judith Reis in her book about Ed O'Kelley, Dr O'Kelley learned after his marriage to Margret Ann Capehart that she was already pregnant so while Ed has the name O'Kelley he may not be genetically of the O'Kelley line. 



Dr. Harry Harrison O'Kelley.



Zachariah Asbury O'Kelley.



Frank Marion O'Kelley.



MATTIE May O'Kelley.

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