Simeon Stroud
Simeon Stroud - Families often have mysteries and ours is no different.  DNA is unraveling what has long ago been lost and Simeon Stroud is one of those mysteries that DNA is unraveling. 

I have known for many years of my 36/37 marker DNA match to Simeon Stroud's descendants.  We mismatch on DYS 439 which is a fast mutating marker.  I am "12" and Simeon Stroud is "13" and FamilyTree indicates there is a 88.70% probability that I share an ancestor with a Samuel Joseph O'Kelley at 8 generations.  This is a great discovery because by pedigree and records we know that I descend from Charles Dean O'Kelley and Samuel Joseph O'Kelley descends from his older brother Thomas Dean O'Kelley.  Because Simeon Stroud is an exact match with Samuel Joseph O'Kelley it seems likely that he might also descend from Thomas Dean O'Kelley or one of Thomas Dean O'Kelley other brothers and because Simeon named a son William and we have no information about what became of William Dennis O'Kelley, I suspect that William Dennis O'Kelley might be Simeon's father and William died not long after the ending of our Revolutionary War and Simeon's mother married a Stroud giving Simeon her new husband's name.

It is also possible that Simeon Stroud might be a first cousin to Thomas Dean O'Kelley and if that is the case, he might have come from Ireland as a child and given the name "Stroud" but he is none the less an "O'Kelley of Bregia" and descends from the Irish Monarch Aed Slane. 

Simeon Stroud's descendents can be viewed at this link.  Below Simeon Stroud's DNA results:

DYS 393 DYS 390 DYS 19/394 DYS 391 DYS 385a DYS 385b DYS 426 DYS 388 DYS 439 DYS 389-1
13 24 14 11 11 14 12 12 13 13
DYS 392 DYS 389-2 DYS 458 DYS 459a DYS 459b DYS 455 DYS 454 DYS 447 DYS 437 DYS 448
13 30 18 9 9 11 11 25 15 19
DYS 449 DYS 464a DYS 464b DYS 464c DYS 464d DYS 460 GATA H4 YCA IIa YCA IIb DYS 456
26 15 15 15 17 10 11 19 23 17
DYS 607 DYS 576 DYS 570 CDY a CDY b DYS 442 DYS 438
15 18 17 36 37 12 12