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USAF 3701 Squadron Flight 0309
Lackland Air Force Base Basic Military Training
April 21 1972 Special Order A-359 Promotion Order

If you were in flight 0309 and would like to contact me, please email me at
Wheeler, T. A.
Guidry, J. L.
McCardle, James M.
Wieczovek, Thomas. A.
Leggett, Larry D.
Revis, Harry C.
Starks, Ronald A.
Clark, Carlos. D.
Wells, George W
Arthur, Jeffery E.
O'Kelley, Rickie D (me)
Hart, Glenn R.
Davis, William. F.
Henrikson, William. R.
Martines, Carlos B.
Johnson, Richard L. Jr
Jasper, Oliver J. Jr
March 21, 1972

Graduation May 2 1972

Team Chief SSGT E. M. Oglesby

Team Leader Sgt McDaniels
Crawford, Tommy L.
Webb, James P.
Bova, T. J.
Bonner, Henry W.
Cassady, Richard J.
Rontti, Kirk A.
Cannon, Bobby B.
Petro, Michael B.
Ochsenbein, Michael L
Bucklew, Roger O.
Newsome, David S.
Miller, James A.
Elmore, Billy D.
Chandler, George T.
King, Charles T.
Daniel, Richard D
Kuecker, Robert A
Newman, Paul A Jr.
Sadly one of our dogs ate my photo so the top portion is missing. 
There were 45 men in my flight but I don't have all their names because the top of this photo is missing
and not everyone made it, there are only 34 names on our promotion orders.