Lia Fil
Stone of Destiny
Hill of Tara
Co Meath Ireland

In the County of Meath Ireland is the Hill of Tara said to be the most scared place in all of Ireland.  The Lia Fil or the Stone of Destiny set upon this hill and it was the Inauguration Stone for the Irish Monarchs but not everyone agrees and the stone isn't in its original location.  It extends about 48 inches above ground and according to mythology the stone was brought to Tara by the godlike people, the Tuatha D Danann, as one of their sacred objects. It was said to roar when touched by the rightful king of Tara.  It use to set north of the Mound of the Hostages but after the Battle of Tara in 1798 it was moved to its current location to mark the graves of 400 rebels.   

There are some who claim that this is not the "real" Stone of Destiny, that it is a flat rectangular stone that was used by Jacob as his pillow and it was moved to Scotland and was renamed the Stone of Scones, then it was captured and moved to the Westminster and used for the coronation of British Monarchs but has in recent times been returned to Scotland.  The Stone of Destiny at the Hill of Tara Co Meath Ireland has received somewhat of a "face lift" in recent years as not too long ago the nice rock work around the based of the stone didn't exists.

I can help but notice that the reference to a "godlike people", the shape of the stone, and that the stone would roar when touched by the rightful king of Tara calls to my mind images of a NASA manned rocket.  Certainly to a stone age people, anyone who left our earth by a rocket would have "godlike" status by those left behind who might created this monument to represent that event.  Imagine what some of the tribes that live deep in a jungle on modern earth today who have never seen a rocket might think of the humans that can make get into such a rocket and blast away.  Surely they would think of them as "godlike".  This stone is shaped and positioned like our manned rockets and when the Captain of the ship "touched" it, the rocket would roar as anyone who has witnessed a launch can attest.  If stone age humans were to make an image of such a manned rocket, it would likely appear exactly like the "Stone of Destiny" and the stone paving around the monument are a recent addition but when I look at this photo, the stone paving looks like the flames coming out of the base of the rocket on take off.  Could the Stone of Destiny be an stone age artist creation of something he witnessed?  Maybe the artist witness the "Chariot of Fire" as described in the Bible and this is a reminder that man has done all of this before?