Tomas Ceallaigh
 of Dublin Ireland

Thomas Kelly, Gentleman, Dublin
I think it likely that Thomas Kelly was born about 1500 and he died in 1560 in Dublin was the father of William Kelly a Dublin Gentleman who died in 1597.  It is very possible that this Thomas O'Kelley was the first of our family to embrace the Anglican faith as living in Dublin and living in the lifetime of King Henry VIII he would have been closer to religious reform in Ireland that most all other O'Kelleys.

There is no method that I have found to prove that he is my ancestor but a close examination of the O'Kelly of Hy-Many pedigree fails to find any Thomas O'Kellys living near generation 34 and in that time they would all likely have been living in Connaught and not in Dublin.  Our family tradition story claims that William O'Kelley was the father of Thomas O'Kelley, so it seems likely that his father could have also been named Thomas O'Kelley.     
Thomas O'Kelley Dublin "Gentleman" and my grandmother married in Ireland about 1520 and had the following children:

+2 ii. William  O'Kelley born about 1545