Second Generation

 ? O'Kelley and Elizabeth Dean
7. Francis O'Kelley 1,2,3,4 (Kelly, Kelley, or O'Kelly) was born on 31 August 1761 probably in Prince George Co VA. 
Francis O'Kelley and Delilah Crowder were married on 26 May 1785. Mecklenburg Co VA

The name "Francis" originates from Latin and it means "from France". A great many Land Gentry Irish moved to France after their defeat in 1691 in the Williamette War.  He is only known to make a mark as his signature  but according to Harold B Gill Literacy in Virginia it wasn't uncommon for rural children to be taught to read but not taught to write so it is possible that Francis knew how to read but didn't know how to write.

He is recognized by the DAR for his service in the American Revolution in 1776–1782. DAR Ancestor #: A085954 but I am unable to find any records for his service.  Francis appeared in the census in 1830.  He died on 16 April 1838 in Oglethorpe Co, GA.

Soldier ~ Georgia
DAR Patriot Index:
Born 31 Aug 1761 in VA
Died 16 Apr 1838 in GA
Married Delilah Crowder

Delilah Crowder22 was born on 6 July 1765 20 . She died in 1824. Francis and Delilah were married in Mecklenburg VA May 25, 1785.  Francis is listed as Francis Kelley.  The Crowder name is of English origins meaning one who plays the fiddle.  William Baskervill was the second and he and he was influential in Mecklenburg.  HIs daughter Ann married Captain John Farrar the first cousin to Thomas Jefferson son who was also named John.  Captain John Farrar was a substitute for Charles O'Kelley.












Francis O'Kelly and Delilah Crowder had the following children:



James O'Kelly22.   Probably named after James O'Kelley his paternal grandfather.



Martha O'Kelly22  "Patsy is a nickname for Martha



Delilah O'Kelly22 was born in 9 Apr 1791. She died in Sept 1870 and is likely buried in an unmarked grave in the O'Kelley B Family Cemetery.



Francis Dean O'Kelly.  Probably named after his father.



George O'Kelly22 was born in 1797. He died in 1806. Probably named after his maternal grandfather, George Crowder.



Thomas Dean O'Kelly22.  he may be named after his maternal grandfather.



Richard O'Kelly22   he may be named after George Crowder's twin brother.



Polly C. O'Kelly22 was born in 1804.  Polly is a nickname for Mary.



Benjamin O'Kelly22 was born in Aug 14, 1806 in GA.  He died in 9 Jul 1879 in Gwinnett Co. GA and is buried under a moss covered headstone in the O'Kelley B Family Cemetery.. He is believed to have owned a large estate.

The Dec 26, 27 1838 O'Kelley Bible pages provided me by Paul McCurdy makes a startling revelation.  Francis last name is spelled as "O'Kelly" as is his children.  Beginning with the children of Thomas the name O'Kelley appears with the second "e".  The Bible was likely a Mathew Carey Bible as it had the exact kind of pages with the same page numbers and decorations as appears in the four copied pages.