Sixth Generation

792. Fredrick Henry O'Kelley was born on 14 May 1889 in Conyers Ga.. He died on 14 October 1967 in Atlanta Ga and is buried in the Eastviiew Cemetery Conyers Rockdale Co GA.  He was an accomplished artist.

Appears in Alethea Jane Macon's 1969 Book
Fredrick Henry O'Kelley Hand Painted by Fredrick Henry Ethel Elizabeth Peacock

Fredrick Henry O'Kelley and Ethel Elizabeth Peacock were married on 18 November 1914. Ethel Elizabeth Peacock

The above hand painted Coat of Arms appears on the cover page of Alethea Jane Macon's 1969 book Four O'Kelley Sons and Some of their Descendants. I suspect this family may be the source that James O'Kelley was our first ancestor as Mary Evelyn O'Kelley created a college paper on the subject.   A very special thanks to Sandra Daughterty a granddaughter in unraveling this mystery and providing the above images of her grandparents and of her grandfather's Coat of Arms.  Webmaster, Rick O'Kelley

Fredrick Henry O'Kelley and Ethel Elizabeth Peacock had the following children:



Jessie Elizabeth O'Kelley.



Fredrick Henry O'Kelley.



Thomas AUGUSTUS O'Kelley.



Annie May O'Kelley.



Mary Evelyn O'Kelley.