Fourth Generation

18. Overton O'Kelley was born about 1813 in GA. He died in 1868 in Arkansas USA. likely named after his maternal grandfather, Overton Harris. It seems certain that Overton was the son of Francis O'Kelley who was the son of Thomas. Overton lived in the same location in Walton Co as Francis and his other descendants and when Francis migrated to Arkansas, Overton and his new wife Mary soon followed to the same area in Arkansas and this is confirmed by Census.

Overton O'Kelley and Tabitha D Phillips were married on 8 November 1832 in Walton County, Georgia, USA. Tabitha D Phillips was born about 1810.

Overton O'Kelley and Tabitha D Phillips had the following children:



Son O'Kelley was born before 1836.



daughter O'Kelley was born before 1838.



Lorena O'Kelley

William J. Broadley is a son of Samuel W. Broadley, a native of Liverpool, England, whose father, Ferrell Broadley, also came originally from England, being proprietor of the “Fax Hall Spinning Company;” of the interests of that concern, still extensive and profitable, our subject is one of the heirs. Samuel Broadley came to America in 1849, a few years after his marriage, and was occupied in the mercantile business in the State of New York the following year. He then took the “gold fever” and went to California, leaving his family in New York, and engaged in the mining of the precious metal until 1853, when he was killed by an accident in a mine in which he was working. He was married in Liverpool to Miss Phœbe Covington, a native of that country and a daughter of Frederick Covington, a merchant, and, at the time of his death, at an advanced age, a man of considerable means. Mrs. Broadley is still living and a resident of New Orleans. She also has a brother in this country, a member of the firm of Covington & Co., of Salt Lake City. Of the children of Mr. and Mrs. Broadley, five are still living: Ida (wife of Frank S. Snell, a prominent real estate agent and broker of Denver, Colo.), Alice M. (wife of a Mr. Patton, a merchant of Memphis, Tenn.), William T. (an attorney of New Orleans), Henry J. (who is in the employ of the Government as a chemist) and William J. (the principal of this sketch). The latter was born in Steuben County, N. Y., in 1852. After his father's death his mother moved from New York, going to several places, and finally, in 1862, to Memphis, Tenn., where they lived one year; later she became located at New Orleans and still lives there. Mr. Broadley learned the trade of a machinist when a young man, at which he worked in different States, but finally settled in Lee County, where he was employed at his chosen occupation until 1887. Then he purchased his present farm, and has since turned his attention to farming. He was married, in 1879, to Miss Lorena O'Kelley, a daughter of Overton and Mary O'Kelley, natives of Alabama and Georgia, respectively. Mr. and Mrs. Broadley have four children: Frederick C., Charles O., Ida L. and William S. (now deceased). Mr. Broadley owns a fine farm of 440 acres, with nearly 300 acres under cultivation, and is engaged in raising stock. He and wife are members of the Missionary Baptist Church. He is a Democrat in politics, and is a prominent man of Spring Creek Township. He belongs to no secret societies, but before entering the agricultural list of Lee County, belonged to the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.
Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Eastern Arkansas
The above indicates that Lorena was the daughter of Mary O'Kelley but that doesn't seem possible as she never appears on any of the US Census with Overton and Mary O'Kelley.  I suspect she had to be older and out of the home and was a child born to Tabitha D Phillips.  The 1840 census for Overton and Tabitha indicates that have two daughters and one son all born between 1835 and 1840 which is 8 to 13 years before Overton married Mary O'Kelley.  It is also possible that Lorena was born between the 1840 and the 1860 US Census and may not have been living in the home at the time of the 1860 census.  I have yet to find an 1850 census for this family.

Overton O'Kelley and Mary O'Kelley were married July 28, 1848 in Walton Co Arkansas23. Mary O'Kelley was born about 1827. There can be little doubt that Mary is the daughter of Charles Dean O'Kelley and she appears unidentified in most family pedigrees. She and Overton named their first born son Charles Francis Dean O'Kelley, Francis Dean after Overton's father and Charles Dean after Mary's father. They named their second born son George Washington O'Kelley after Mary's uncle. When Charles Dean's father died Charles was a minor, Alethea Jane Macon tells us that his older brother George Washington O'Kelley became his guardian. George Washington O'Kelley would have been more like the grandfather Mary never had than her elderly uncle. Mary was likely named after her grandmother Mary Crowder as was the custom in that day and the final proof she was the unnamed daughter of Charles Dean O'Kelley and Mary Stamps is her third child, Susan is given on the census as born in Alabama in 1857. Charles Dean and Mary had moved to Alabama by this time and this is proven by yet another US Census that gives the place of birth for their last born male child, born in 1847 as Alabama. Charles and Mary followed the Stamps to Alabama and remained there until their deaths.  Both Mary and Charles are likely buried in unmarked graves in the Stamps Cemetery in Lafayette Chambers Co Alabama.

Looking at the birth places of her children it is clear Overton and Mary had access to some wealth as they traveled very often to and from Georgia and at least once to Alabama. Working class people could not afford to travel as often as this couple did.  Their wealth likely came from slavery.

Overton O'Kelley and Mary O'Kelley had the following children:



Charles Francis Dean O'Kelley.



George Washington O'Kelley was born on 22 May 1854 in Walton Co Georgia USA. He died on 24 February 1931 in Rison Cleveland Co Arkansas USA. He was buried in February 1931 in the Friendship Cemetery Rison Cleveland Co Arkansas USA.



Susan O'Kelley was born about 1857 in Alabama.



Harris M O'Kelley



Sally O'Kelley was born about 1868 in Arkansas USA.