Second Generation

8. John O'Kelley was born about 1769 in Mecklenburg Co, Virginia, British America. 

John does not appear in the traditional family pedigrees but there are reasons to believe he was a real person and was a son of Elizabeth Dean.  His closeness to Charles is one indicator, marring of the wives of Charles and Francis is another and a John O'Kelley appears on the Rev James O'Kelly family pedigree.  Thomas's son Francis named his first born son John P giving yet another reason to believe the name John appeared in a close ancestor.  So while I can not prove John was a son of Elizabeth Dean I believe there are more reason to think he was than to think he wasn't.

John Kelley and Frances Crowder were married on 6 December 1804 in Mecklenburg Co, Virginia, United States. Frances Crowder, daughter of George Crowder and Mary Branch, was born about 1774 in Mecklenburg Co, Virginia, British America.