Have and iPhone, Smartphone or any computer with a camera?
We live in the most exciting time every in the known history of mankind.  There are so many thing that were impossible for my parents that come so easy for myself and my children. Family history has always been the past time of the wealthy as they were the only ones with the means and leisure time to do it.   I am certain that if it had not been for two 19th century physicians, Dr Thomas K O'Kelley and Dr Francis C O'Kelley that a great deal of our family history would be lost and even with what is believed to have been handed down by them we still don't know for certain about how our Irish ancestor came to be in America and because of this I would encourage ever O'Kelley to use their camera to record videos interviews of their elders about what they remember about their early life, their childhood, their ancestors and send them to me and I will attach them to that person record on Ancestry.com so their descendants 200 years from now can know them.  if you are an elder record yourself as this is a wonderful way to reach far into the future and share with those generations to come.  Send your video along with the name of the person interviewed to Rick.  Don't wait do it today.