Denis O'Kelly of Carlow Co Ireland

Denis O'Kelly was not a typical O'Kelly  He was reported to have been born in 1728 and died in 1788. He left his home in Carlow Co Ireland when he was 20 years of age.  He made a living by cheating and conning people out of their money.  His life long companion, Charlotte Hayes was a rather famous for her brothel.  Both Denis and Charlotte had some hard times and we thrown in debtors prison but Charlotte was able to continue to practice her profession while in prison and eventually made enough money to buy both out of debtors prison.  Denis and Charlotte put together enough money to buy Eclipse who under Denis's ownership became  the most celebrated racing horse still remembered to today.  You can read his memoirs on line thanks to Google.

The below indicates that Denis's Carlow Co line ended with his nephew, Andrew Denis O'Kelly but there may still be some descendants living today.  Hopefully we will find records to support my belief.

  1. Philip O'Kelly born about 1700 in Tullow Carlow Co Ireland

    1. O'Kelly - it seems certain that since Denis didn't inherit this father's estate hat he was not the first born.  The name of the first born son is unknown.

    2. Denis O.Kelly born 1728

    3. Philip O'Kelly born about 1730

      1. Andrew Denis O'Kelly born about 1750

Philip is not a common name among the documented O'Kellys.  O'Donovan tells his readers of only two, one was the brother of William Boy and the other was a great uncle.