34th Generation

288. In 1611 Feardoroghoe Ó Ceallaigh (Ferdinand O'Kelly) of Aughrim1,12,19 was the 39th O'Kelley and the last to achieve Chief of Hy Many.  Red Hugh O'Donnel and Hugh O'Neil were in rebellion against the English. Just ten years before the Queen of England had dissolved the Gaelic Chiefs, Hugh O'Kelley of Lisdalon was the last Chief, but O'Donnel restored the Gaelic order briefly in Connaught so in 1595 he made Feardoroghoe the Chief or King of Hy-Many. This was the beginning of the 9 Year War so for nine years he was the last Chief of Hy-Many.  Feardoroghoe's name appears in a deed for the Aughrim Estate dated May 17 1607, he lost the estate likely due to his rebellion against the English.  It is not clear when Aughrim again came into the possession of this family of O'Kelleys but in 1641 Feardoroghoe's grandson Ceallach was living at Aughrim and was "the O'Kelly".  It is not know when he died.

Feardoroghoe Ó Ceallaigh of Aughrim and Julie MacCoglan were married. Julie MacCoglan.

Feardoroghoe Ó Ceallaigh of Aughrim and Julie MacCoglan had the following children:



Melaghin O'Kelly of Aughrim.

Feardoroghoe Ó Ceallaigh of Aughrim and Catherine MacHugo were married. Catherine MacHugo.