25th Generation

103. Domnhall Mor Ó Ceallaigh1,8 was born in 1172 in Co Galway Ireland. He lived during the Norman expansion in Ireland.1 In 1203 he was a Chief of Hy-Many.1 it is said that he was the ancestor of all O'Kelleys of Ui Maine including the lines that are extinct (page 102). Domnhall died in 1224. See Page 102 of Dr O'Donovan's book "The Tribes and Customs of Hy-Many: commonly called O'Kelly's Country" says Domnhall Mor was the ancestor of all O'Kelleys descending from Ui Maine including those that are considered now extinct and the ancestor of all but four Chiefs who came after him. 

Webmaster comment: I have doubts that Domnhall Mor Ó Ceallaigh could be the son of  Tadhg of Tailtean Ua Ceallaigh. perhaps he might have been a foster son of Tadhg of Tailtean Ua Ceallaigh a very common Irish custom, the Irish saw no difference in a son and a foster son and I have doubts that Domnhall Mor O'Kelly was of the same bloodline as Tadhg of Tailtean Ua Ceallaigh who I think must have been of the O'Kelleys of Northern Bregia because TailTean is famous place in Ireland, it is in the modern Co Meath far from the Hy-Many borders but with the O'Kelley of Northern Bregia who acroding to Dr John O'Donovan descends from Aed of Slaine the 141 Monarch of Ireland

 Domnhall Mor O'Kelly was the ancestor of all the lines of O'Kellys that Dr John O'Donovan documents after him.  I believe the Hy-Many of Co Roscommon and Galway family tree begins with Domnhall Mor Ó Ceallaigh On page 45 O'Donovan writes "The Race of Domhnall, son of Tadhg Taillten, here" and goes on to list him as a Chief of Hy-Many.  Race was use to describe different families, why would O'Donovan do this if Domnhall Mor O'Kelly was the son of Tadhg of Tailtean Ua CeallaighI believe this was the changing of the O'Kelley/O'Kelly guard from the east of Ireland and the O'Kelleys of Bregia which was now under the control of the Normans to the west of Ireland to the O'Kellys of Hy-Many who held their stronghold in the west. 

Aonther mystery develops with the death of Domnhall Mor Ó Ceallaigh, the Four Masters record his death in 1224 but his son Connor Mor doesn't become the next Chief until 1247.  According to Dr John O'Donovan on page 102, Connor was Chief of Hy-Many 21 years and the Four Masters reports his death in 1268 meaning he didn't become Chief until 1247.  The Four Masters reports in 1225:  "The residence of Conor, son of Teige O'Kelly (lord of Hy-Maine), and of Ardgal, his brother was attacked and set on fire by the sons of Teige O'Kelly; and both perished in the flames".  So according to the Four Masters a different Connor was Chief, a Connor who was the son of Teige and the brother of Ardgal and he died in a fire in 1225 and the Four Masters and O'Donovan are silent as to who was Chief after that time until 1247 when Connor the son of this Domnhall Mor Ó Ceallaigh becomes Chief.  This Connor son of Teige isn't found in any traditional pedigrees. 

The forename Ardgal doesn't appear in any of the traditional Hy-Many genealogies that have found.  My research indicates it is a name mostly found in Ulster and Meath and I haven't found it in use in Connaught.  I believe the above Ardgal O'Kelley must be of Tadhg of Tailtean Ua Ceallaigh and he was of the O'Kelley of Northern Bregia.

Domnhall Mor Ó Ceallaigh married Duvcola O'Brien (private).

Domnhall Mor Ó Ceallaigh and Duvcola O'Brien had the following children:



Conchobhar Mar "Connor Mor" Ó Ceallaigh Line of the current descendent of Hy-Many.



Tadgh Ó Ceallaigh of Magh Ruscach.



Eoghan Finn Ó Ceallaigh.



Thomas Ó Kelley1 was a Bishop of Clonfert.1 He died in 1263.



Lochlainn Ó Ceallaigh.