28th Generation

127. William Mac Donnough Moyneagh "Boy" Ó Ceallaigh of Callow Castle1,8,9 was the 7th son born in 1297 in Co Galway Ireland. He invited professors of art to his home for Christmas in 1351. He died in 1381 in Gailey Castle, Knockcroghery, Co. Roscommon, Ireland. William "Boy" was buried in 1381 at Kilconnell Abbey Kilconnell Abbey.


All the known lines of O'Kelly of Hy-Many who have tested their DNA can trace by pedigree to this ancestor. One will find William "Boy" O'Kelly's descendants in the Kelley DNA Group 14.   Because Stone Tower Houses are said not to have come into use in Ireland until about 1400 AD I think it likely that the tradition O'Kelly of Hy-Many Coat of Arms was the Personal Arms of William's son, Maeleachlainn Ó Ceallaigh and it became the favored Arms for all the O'Kellys no matter their family in the years that followed. 

Webmaster comment: I doubt that my Clann Ceallaigh family every used an arms but it they did it wouldn't be this one.  It likely came into use in my American Clann Ceallaigh family when Professor Thomas O'Kelley of my family made his trip to Ireland in 1883 and returned it a copy of this arms with a story that we were also Hy-many.  Professor Thomas O'Kelley was in error but I ssupect it was likely believed in that time that all O'Kelleys and O'Kellys were Hy-Many. 

William Mac Donnough Moyneagh "Boy" Ó Ceallaigh of Callow Castle and Mary Burke were married. Mary Burke (private).

William Mac Donnough Moyneagh "Boy" Ó Ceallaigh of Callow Castle and Mary Burke had the following children:



Maeleachlainn Ó Ceallaigh.



Aedh Buidhe Ó Ceallaigh O'Kelly of Ballyforan and Mucklon was born (date unknown).



William og Ó Ceallaigh Tanist of Hy Maine died in 1372.



Teige Ó Ceallaigh was born (date unknown).



Muricheartach Ó Ceallaigh1 was born (date unknown).