First Generation

1. Maine Mor1 was born in 350.

The ancestor of the O'Kelly Ui Mhaine of Connaught.  It is claimed that Main Mor, his father Eochaidh Ferdaghiall and his two sons Breasal and Amhlaibh, left  Oirghialla/Oriel travelled to Connacht to seek new lands.  One would assume that the Nine Kings of the Nine Kingdoms of  Oirghialla/Oriel must have been too strong and too powerful for Main Mor and kin to conquer them so he had to go elsewhere otherwise he would have driven on of these nine Kings out of and took his land.  The Battle of Clontarf and 150 years of in fighting after Clontarf trying to replace King Brian followed by the Norman Invasion weakened and wiped out much of the Nine Kingdoms of Oirghialla/Oriel leaving Ui Maine mostly untouched. 

Maine Mor had the following children:



Bresal .