O'Kelley Grave Restoration Project

Who maintains the graves of our ancestors?  In some cases no one. I hope to change that with this project.  My goal is to establish a fund and a group of descendents interested in maintaining neglected grave sites.  The fund is to be used to repair, restore, or replace headstones.  My first project and a very good example of the need for this project is of my great great grandmother, Lucy Woodruff O'Kelley (England) who is buried in the Love Cemetery north of Alma Arkansas.  She has a very old marble grave stone that is off its base and broken in half.  Her husband, my great great grandfather, James Stamps O'Kelley has a fairly modern gravestone so it he had an original marble stone like Lucy's it may have been removed and is now lost to the family.  My hope is to restore the original stone and not replace it.  If you are a descendent of James and Lucy and would like to make a donation please contact me

To fund these projects I will ask for donations.  There has been considerable work and expense making the James O'Kelley and Thomas O'Kelley websites available for public use and I will continue to provide those expenses but if you would like to make a donation towards grave restoration, I will post how the money is spend so everyone will know it is going towards a good cause.

In the coming weeks I will put up a form that will accept credit card donations but for now, if you wish to donate or establish a project you can mail a check made payable to Rick O'Kelley or email your project to my contact address.  My mailing address and email link are both on the main homepage of this website.  To avoid banking expenses, for now this fund will remain a cash fund but when it gets to $1000.00 I will convert it into a checking account that earns some interest. 

Check back for more details in the coming weeks. 

Date Name Donation Expense Balance
7/27/2010 Rick O'Kelley $100.00   $100.00