Photos Needed

If you need photos, send me and email and I will post your request on this page.  Hopefully someone will find your request and send the photos. 

  1. I am seeking photos of James Stamps O'Kelley and wife and Charles Williams O'Kelley and wife.  Photos will be used on this website so please state if you wish to be listed as the contributor.  Please email digital copies to Rick O'Kelley.

  2. If you have an ancestor on this website and have a photo of that ancestor or a photo of their gravestone and would like to have it displayed with your ancestor's record, please email a digital copy to Rick O'Kelley.

  3. James Francis O'Kelley (1825) was reportedly a photographer working in Georgia.  I am seeking samples of his work.  Please email digital copies or provide a link to Rick O'Kelley.