O'Kelley Researchers

If you have the time and would like to volunteer to do research please contact me by email.

If you are a member of Ancestry.com you can help maintain your family's branch.  Email me with your ancestor's name and your Ancestry.com username and I will add you to the tree as a researcher.  

You may email research requests to me and I will post them here.  

Research Projects

1.  Charles Dean O'Kelley the son of Charles O'Kelley is reportedly buried in Alabama.  I am seeking the location of his gravesite and any information about how he came to be buried in Alabama.  There is a Stamps Cemetery in Chambers Co, Lafayette Alabama which is the burial site for James Stamps and Charles and Mary may both also be buried there.  If you live near the area and are willing to investigate please email Rick O'Kelley.

2.  Georgia Archives lists Charles O'Kelley as receiving land in the Headright system. 

DOC 4113: 1783 - 1909, O'Hearn, Josiah - Orvis, James

C 169989: O'Kelley, Charles