Thomas Dean
Thomas Dean born about 1700.  I think there can be little doubt that Thomas Dean was an ancestor of Elizabeth Dean. It is likely authors J Fred O'Kelly, Alethea Jane Macon and Harold Ernest O'Kelley missed this huge clue because in Benjamin's revolutionary war pension he claimed to be born in King and Queen Co but now that DNA proves that Benjamin was perhaps and 8th cousin and three of Elizabeth's sons married Crowder sisters who came from the same area as Thomas Dean it seems certain he is my 6th great grandfather. 

Harold Ernest O'Kelley in his book "Four Families through Georgia" surmises that a Benjamin Dean was the father of Elizabeth Dean but if that were true then why do we have all the "Thomas Dean" O'Kelleys and no Benjamin Dean O'Kelleys?  This makes no sense but because Thomas Dean, Francis Dean, and Charles Dean appear in the sons and grandsons of Elizabeth Dean, these are clearly men from her family.   I suspect her father was the Thomas Dean who received in Feb 22 1724 a 100 acre land grant in Surry Co Virginia on the South side of Nottaway River; beginning and extending on the south side of the Rochey Run, a corner of Charles Dunkins land and I have included a copy of his grant to the right but a Thomas Dean also received 97 acres land grant on the north side of Sonya branch on the great branch of Joseph's Swamp Feb 21 1711 in the the next door Prince George Co and his land is used as a property boundary in 1719 and again June 22 1722.

Three of Elizabeth Dean's sons married daughters of George Crowder.  George and his twin brother Richard birth appears in the Bristol Vestry records for Prince George Co which borders Surry County on its western border.  Also found in the same vestry records is a William and Sarah Kelly whose daughter Mary was born Sept 22 1735.  It seems likely that William and Sarah Kelly were the parents of the William Kelly who married Elizabeth Dean, that the Kellys, Deans, and Crowders all lived in the Surry Prince George Co area before they moved to Lunenburg Co Va about 1750.  I think it likely that Elizabeth Dean and William Kelly married either in Surry Co or Prince George Co likely about 1748 or just before they moved to Lunenburg Co VA.  Mecklenburg Co Virginia was carved from the southern half of Lunenburg Co VA in 1765 and it is in Mecklenburg that records for George Crowder and Charles O'Kelley are found.

Sadly most of Surry County's early records are lost but the naming of Elizabeth Dean's sons and the finding of Mary Dean in Vestry Records in 1752 suggest that Thomas Dean's family may have appeared as follows:

Thomas Dean married Mary (she is found in the Albemarle Parish Vestry Records for Surry Co Virginia in 1752 and is likely widowed.  I suspect her maiden name was Tucker)  Thomas and Mary had the following children:

  i. Thomas Dean Born about 1725 in Surry Co VA 
ii. Charles Dean Born about 1728 in Surry Co VA, as an adult he became a wealthy land owner in Mecklenburg Co
iii. Francis Dean born about 1733 in Surry Co VA  I suspect named after Francis Tucker his maternal grandfather.
 iv. Elizabeth Dean  born about 1735 in Surry Co VA