Third Irish Born Protestant Ancestor
Thomas O'Kelley or Tomas Ceallaigh
Thomas O'Kelley may have been born at Carrickmacross likely about 1620.  He was protestant and he and his wife are mentioned on page 596 in "The History of Monaghan County" with the bapisism of his daughter Margaret and his wife Juan and two godmothers named Marie Wallis and Ura Birne.  I suspect Marie Wallis is the mother of Juan and Ura Birne is the mother of Thomas.

Thomas is also found on the 1663 Parish Mageross Hearth Money Rolls living Corcuillog in Carrickmaross and also found living one mile from him is an Owen McGonnell which is the name of the grandfather of one of my close DNA matches.

I have three 36/37 DNA Marker matches to the Talty surname.  The Talty's have a tradition that two brothers and a sister left Co Cavan in the 1500s and traveled to Co Clare under the O'Reilly banner and they received land as a result of an act of kindness they did and they settled in Co Clare and took the surname "Talty" meaning a division of land.  My DNA match suggest that the two brothers and sister may have been the sons and daughter of Thomas O'Kelley and Juan Wallis and it might have been the Williamitte War that caused their children to migrate to Co Clare.  This is proven and certainly more discoveries could change this possibility.

Thomas O'Kelley "Gentleman" and Juan Wallis married in Ireland about 1660 and had the following children:

+5 v. Thomas O'Kelley or Tomas Ceallaigh was born about 1657 in Carrickmacross in modern day Co Monaghan  
+6 vi. Margarette O'Kelley 1663 Carrickmacross Co Monaghan Ireland  
+7 vii. James Birne O'Kelley born about 1665 in Carrickmacross Co Monaghan